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09 Jun 2014

U x U-festivalen är redan så mycket mer än musik, en festival byggd på medskapande! Och tack vare medskapande blir U x U bara bättre och bättre! Nu kan vi för första gången berätta att besökarna på festivalområdet i Hedlundadungen kommer få uppleva allt från actionladdade skatetävlingar och Annika Norlins unika textutställning, till djungelhäng hos Femtastic och superexklusiva spelningar […]

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01 Nov 2013

Let’s cover the world with U

We see the letter U everywhere! Admit it you do it too! During all of November therefore, together with you and you(!), we will collect all the pictures of U that we can, from all over the world! And we have also made a contest out of it! Two winners, getting a free ticket to […]

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31 Oct 2013


Happy days! We’ve decided to continue selling CO-FOUNDER TICKETS another month! This means that it is still up to you to decide the length of the festival! The question remains, how big of a festival can we make together? At this point, today October 31st, the U x U Festival is over 9 hours and 30 minutes […]

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24 Oct 2013

Yes! Oui! Welcome Phoenix!

Today we have the great pleasure to present Phoenix, our biggest artist announcement this far! And it’s all thanks to our present 1882 CO-FOUNDERS who have supported us in creating the first U x U Festival. Phoenix is above all an awesome addition to the line-up. They are also a band several of our curators early on […]

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13 Oct 2013

Taking care of everyones (band)wishes

Anna Storåkers, head of bookings at U x U makes sure that our curators wishes and demands is managed in the right way, and that your artist suggestions is sorted and reviewed. We wanted to know a little bit more about Anna, and took the opportunity to ask her how it is to coordinate eight creative curators… […]

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05 Oct 2013

Wyatt Brooking, CO-FOUNDER from afar

Is 19 year old Wyatt Brooking from Palmerston North, New Zealand our first oversea CO-FOUNDER? He first heard about the U x U Festival through a friend living in Sweden. They both share a great love for Laleh. And even if Wyatt has not been to Sweden, little lone overseas at all, he bought a CO-FOUNDER TICKET […]

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02 Oct 2013

CO-FOUNDER #1 Jonas Grenholm

Let us introduce: Jonas Grenholm CO-FOUNDER #1. 20 years old, Umeå born, Jonas waited at the town square, Rådhustorget, from early morning (6:30 am) until 1 pm when the first 150 tickets were released, last friday September 27. Luckily he was well prepared, Jonas brought a small chair, raincoat and a dose of positivism which came […]

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28 Sep 2013

Are we proud and happy to present Laleh, Mac Miller, Thurston Moore and Lucy Love as the first artists for U × U Festival 2014? You bet! As you know, U × U is based on the idea of ​​creating a festival together. Every CO-FOUNDER TICKET sold extends the festival with +15 seconds and increases […]

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22 Sep 2013

This is how it will work!

Those of us who are involved in U x U are so excited about releasing the tickets this autumn and finally getting this collective experiment up and running. Here you will find a short film in which I explain how things will play out when we release the tickets this autumn.

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