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05 Oct 2013

Wyatt Brooking, CO-FOUNDER from afar

Is 19 year old Wyatt Brooking from Palmerston North, New Zealand our first oversea CO-FOUNDER? He first heard about the U x U Festival through a friend living in Sweden. They both share a great love for Laleh. And even if Wyatt has not been to Sweden, little lone overseas at all, he bought a CO-FOUNDER TICKET and told us on our Facebook page that he will be attending the festival.

The far away location of Umeå, Sweden, doesn’t seem to bother Wyatt.
- Travelling is something I’ve always wanted to do! I guess Umeå would be the best place to start. I’ve dreamt of going to Sweden ever since I was little.

“I feel like I´m a part of the festival”

U x U is all about creating a music festival together so you might imagine our hearts turning cartwheels when we heard Wyatt say..
- I feel like I’m not just attending the festival, I feel like I am a part of the festival and that alone is an amazing thing to have. It is very rare to see the audience have such a big say in an event like this.

Cool, what would you say is important for a perfect festival experience then?
- I’d have to say amazing food and awesome music! I think as long as everyone is enjoying themselves and it doesn’t get violent, then it would truly be amazing.

When it comes to music, can you share your top 5 live shows?
- I’ve only ever been to a few concerts. My first favorite would be Lady Gaga, followed by Linkin Park, then Brooke Fraser and lastly Escape the Fate.

- Thanks so much for contacting me, it made my day. Wyatt shares with us..

Well, THANK YOU Wyatt for giving us so much love and energetic input in continuing this journey towards July next summer!