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02 Oct 2013

CO-FOUNDER #1 Jonas Grenholm

Let us introduce: Jonas Grenholm CO-FOUNDER #1. 20 years old, Umeå born, Jonas waited at the town square, Rådhustorget, from early morning (6:30 am) until 1 pm when the first 150 tickets were released, last friday September 27. Luckily he was well prepared, Jonas brought a small chair, raincoat and a dose of positivism which came in handy in the rainy weather..

We really needed to know, are you some professional queuer or what?
– Naa, actually the hole decision to attend the queue was totally spontaneous. I’ve only been to two bigger music festivals earlier, and I have never been queueing this long for anything ever.

Jonas told us that he has been following U x U since last year..
– Yeah, Norrland and Umeå is the best! I saw a post on Facebook about the ticket release and that it would be possible to start queueing already sometime Thursday. So I called my friend and we decided upon a time to meet up at the square. We thought that people would  start queuing much earlier, had it been in the summertime I’m sure people would have been there all night. Now afterwards it feels totally worth it!

“This is like our 15 seconds of fame.”

And a little bit of luck was involved we heard. Since Jonas and his friend arrived at the square at the same time they decided to play Rock Paper Scissors every hour to decide whom of them who was entitled to the first place.
– We decided to do it besf of five. At the last round it was still a tie, I won at the finishing line so to speak. This is like our 15 seconds of fame.

What got you going, the concept, the festival idea or..?
– I like Umeå in general so to support this initiative is a given. And second of all, festivals are so much fun I could never have passed this chance.

Do you have any specific dreams for the first U x U Festival 2014?
– I’m really looking forward to connect with a lot of positive people now once the tickets have been released. Regarding dream acts: I’d love to see Frank Ocean or Paramore. And also there was a grafitti wall placed in an area of the Way Out West festival earlier this year, it would be cool to present something like that here in Umeå.