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01 Nov 2013

Let’s cover the world with U

We see the letter U everywhere! Admit it you do it too! During all of November therefore, together with you and you(!), we will collect all the pictures of U that we can, from all over the world!

And we have also made a contest out of it! Two winners, getting a free ticket to the U x U Festival 2014, will be appointed every week until November 30!

Capture anything that looks like the letter U, something you’ve created or just sighted!

Upload your picture to Instagram or on Twitter, hashtag #uxufestival and make sure the picture gets a geotag to be in the competition!

Every week until November 30 we will appoint the two most creative U’s in the world. Winners get a ticket each to the U x U Festival 2014!

Let’s cover the world with U!