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24 Oct 2013

Yes! Oui! Welcome Phoenix!

Today we have the great pleasure to present Phoenix, our biggest artist announcement this far! And it’s all thanks to our present 1882 CO-FOUNDERS who have supported us in creating the first U x U Festival. Phoenix is above all an awesome addition to the line-up. They are also a band several of our curators early on have been wishing for.

Umeå native Thomas Hedlund, playing the drums live with Phoenix, is also a curator of U x U and proud to announce he dared to put Jante aside and take the chance to perform at home in Umeå once it was possible. Something, he tells us, he and his friends in Phoenix have been wanting to do for a while now!

“We are at the verge of bursting with excitement and could not have been happier about sharing this experience with all of you!” says Thomas Hedlund

The summer night of July 19th, 2014 is really going to be something special. As Thomas Mars, Deck D’Arcy, Laurent Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai and Umeå native Thomas Hedlund enters the stage in Hedlundadungen not only our hearts will go bouncing. For the first time ever, since they conquered the world, Phoenix will perform on a stage in the northern parts of Sweden, in Umeå, at lovely Hedlundadungen!

Phoenix is curated byThomas Hedlund together with Nomethod, Humlan/Umeå Open and Scharinska.